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Slow Motion Speed Up Video Apk.

Create your own magical video with Slow Motion and Fast Motion Video Editor.

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Slow Motion Video – Speed ​​Motion is completely free speed video editing app for Android users. The slow Motion Video Editor makes it easy for users to adjust the motion speed (slow or fast) to create amazing, unique and charming videos.

Slow Motion – High Speed ​​Video – Speed ​​Motion App Features:

Adjust video speed to magically create fast video from x0.25, x0.3, x0.5 to x4 compared to older video or slow motion video.

Satisfying video trimmer tool to make the time very satisfying.

Record a photo or video in high quality.

Videos Create new videos or get existing videos in your library.

Add music and effects to make your video more impressive and lively.

Easily save and share videos.

Speed ​​up video with slow motion video editor, guide for slow motion:

Step 1:

Download Slow Motion – Video Acceleration – Speed ​​Motion App on CH Play.

Step 2:

Select Camera (create a new video) or select Gallery (select an existing video).

Step 3:

Use the Trim Video feature to reduce the length of the video you want.

Step 4:

Select Edit Video.

Select the speed to set the speed of the video. With this feature, you can set x2, x3, x4 faster or slower x0.25, x0.3, x0.5 video from old video.

Choose an effect to create the most interesting and unique effects.

Select music to download music from suggestions or music in your library (download library).

Step 5:

Save the video and share it with your friends.


With Slow Motion feature, you can reduce video speed to x0.25, x0.3. x0.5 to convert slow processes in video.

You can use the slow motion feature with animated videos and daily activities: throwing things, playing games, running, riding…then add “slide” or “zoom” effect to make the video more charming. In addition, you can add the effect you want. Then add audio to make your video more dynamic and professional.

With slow motion, you can get twice the speed, 3, and 4 times the speed of the original video. After all, your video will definitely be more interesting.

Another thing we think you will enjoy is slow motion video – fast video clips – Speed ​​Motion is a video in which the editing maintains the quality of the full view, many different social networks Share for free on job sites without watermarks on the video.

Let’s enjoy more now.

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